Gradi Living, was formed in 1988, and after more than 30 years  have established a strong presence in what is a highly competitive industry, producing high quality sofas and chairs. We have always employed the finest craftsmen to meet our very high standards and have been able to fulfil the diverse needs of the European Market.  We will continue to take pride in our work and utilise our depth of experience and creativity to deliver the Italian style, comfort and quality with the utmost attention to detail our customers require.


To create and maintain the high levels of our production    we select and train the best people and ensure each is a specialist. Many of them are experts in their field, and become trusted and respect members of the Gradi Living family. This is the way we create great products, taking the greatest care from design to delivery, at the same time adopting the flexibility that allows us to keep costs at competitive level. Because of this, you can customise many details in advance, enabling you to specify your design to suit your home and lifestyle.

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